5 reasons beautiful, healthy, vital skin is a life saver.

Skin - Beautiful and Vitally Healthy

What is beautiful skin? Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Skin that works awesomely for you day in and day out.

Many a discussion and focus on skin is on wrinkles. I’m not sure why or when beautiful healthy skin was reduced to wrinkles only.  Wrinkles don’t actually hurt, you can’t feel them on your face and they are in fact a part of human non-verbal communication i.e. facial expression. Have you ever tried to not move your face when communicating with someone or looked at a non-moving face – it looks like a robot. All the moving parts of your body have creases/wrinkles.

Your skin, in truth, is vital to life. 

We insult ourselves when we just focus on an external, made up view of beauty which is designed to sell you a product to fix a problem you don’t actually have.  

We are here to offer you a different perspective. To give you plenty of joyful reasons to love your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in a human body.

It covers and protects everything in your body and without it you could not live. With skin you get to experience reading this blog !

Your skin is a huge part of your bodies temperature regulation.

Usually your body temperature is kept between 36-38 degrees Celsius. Without your skin sweating or getting ‘goose bumps’ your body cant maintain homeostasis – maintaining a stable, relatively constant internal environment - so you can thrive.

Healthy skin is smooth,supple skin ie: crack or break free.  You can move freely.

It forms the biggest barrier/defence between you and the outside world. To help maintain smooth supple skin your body produces sebum. Sebum is your bodies own natural oil, its job is to keep your skin lubricated and protected, it also makes your skin waterproof. 

healthy skin allows us to have a sense of touch, the nerve endings in your skin tell you how things feel when you touch them. Skin allows you the sensation of feeling the breeze on your face, the sunshine on your body and to absorb the vitamin D from it.

You’re actually IN your skin.

No matter the colour, the smile lines, the sag, the judgements we all learn to make about our skin, vitality comes from within and shines through our skin as radiance. Our skin is a part of us and is truly working for us 24/7. Every one of us has the opportunity to feel good by thanking their skin daily. A daily affirmation could be simply – I love the skin I'm in!



Do you need a little help to keep your skin smooth, supple and moisturised?

Three Mamas has produced Beautiful Skin Oil, a moisturiser inspired by nature and full of beautiful, organic, skin loving ingredients.

We had initially made this just as a moisturiser but have discovered (to our delight) that skin prone to problems and issues, responds well to its gentle healing and moisturising properties.

It contains no preservatives.

We believe that being preservative free is an important part of Three Mamas Beautiful Skin Oil Moisturiser. This is perhaps an odd thing to say, but your skin is living, it has a richly diverse biome (skin flora) which truly helps maintain our skin.

Preservatives are put into skin products to prevent bugs growing in the product, but remember that preservatives aren't selective when rubbed all over your living skin, they preserve you too. Ewww pickled skin! Our living skin biome thrives more on nourishment and love. All provided in Beautiful Skin oil.


Three Mamas