Self love is the best Valentines gift you can give yourself

Valentines day! Today I was reflecting on my journey with Valentines day. When I was in primary school I got a card with a declaration of love and I thought it was just plain weird; then it moved to teenage wanting/longing to receive something, anything; to being married and receiving/giving the flowers etc and enjoying this but also equally feeling like its so set up and commercial; through to today where I think about Valentines day like a yearly reminder to implement a new small change towards loving and acknowledging myself more this year.

From these yearly small changes a habit has developed and self love/understanding is just easier and more consistent. The best part really is that you are not waiting for love or reassurance, you are reminding yourself that you are love already.

So my Valentines gift to you is to offer you some ideas where you too can start small and focus on tiny everyday things you can try.

three_mamas_valentines_blue_heart 0.jpg

4 simple self love ideas for you to sample.

Idea one - Whenever you fail at something, celebrate with a friend.

You just gained a lesson you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. Great job. We are often taught to celebrate our wins and achievements but ignore or cover up our mistakes or perceived failures. Really growing as a person means experiencing what works for you and what doesn't, so why not acknowledge both and allow all of you - self love. Peppermint Essential Oil is great for uplifting and celebrating. Its clean fresh aroma reminds you there is always another day for trying a new way. Gently breath in this delicious aroma.

Idea two - practice trusting and acting upon your gut instinct.

Yes, the more you listen to your body the more you are actually listening to you!  It really helps to develop self trust, from the inside out - self love. Frankincense Essential Oil is especially helpful with grounding and connecting back to yourself. You can gently inhale from the bottle, use it in a diffuser or rub some on the soles of your feet if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Idea three - Say no when you want to.

This one sounds simple but it can be quite a challenge as we are often taught to do as your told from childhood. Doing as you are told often means following someones elses rules or doing something for them, because they want you to, not because you want to. This childhood training just kind of carries through to adulthood. Leaving you feeling like you should do as you’ve been asked and then doing it all the while wishing you weren't. Sound familiar? We have all done it.

What I have learnt is that all the conflict is within you. So practice saying no and experiencing the inner tension, feeling it and breathing through it. This allows your body to know that you are not in danger and the fight and flight response can relax. It does get easier and less tense.  You become pleased within yourself - self love. Lavender Essential Oil is my favourite essential oil for this idea, its relaxing for both the mind and body, reminding you that inner peace is possible.

Idea four - Say yes to something you have always wanted to try but have felt to self conscious to actually do.

If the inspiration is within you, listen to it and allow yourself to find out if you actually like the thing you want to try. Knowing if you like it or not will give you an inner peace because you aren't guessing anymore - self love. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is great for fear of ridicule. Give it a try.

Best thing really is that self love is free and only a choice away. It belongs only to you and is received only by you. You gifting you.

Mama Karen