Eco Glitter - wholesale, weddings, events, bulk

What makes Three Mamas Eco Glitter, Eco friendly?

Do you like glitter? We love it! Unfortunately old fashioned plastic glitter has added to the current micro-plastic problem as it only degrades (breaks down into smaller bits) after hundreds of years. That is why environmentally friendly Eco Glitter was developed.

Eco Glitter is environmentally friendly primarily because instead of being printed onto a non-recyclable plastic base, it's made from NON- GMO Eucalyptus cellulose. Being a plant material, it is biodegradable, compostable and renewable.

Three Mamas Eco Glitter in action.

Three Mamas Eco Glitter in action.

How does the eco in Eco glitter work?

Once Eco Glitter enters the natural environment - like a festival ground, your backyard, school yard, lake, river, compost, etc - microbes will consume the biodegradable content, turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The rate at which Eco Glitter biodegrades is dependant on the conditions of the local environment such as heat, moisture and microbes present.

Where to buy Eco Glitter in quantities suitable for a party, event, council celebration or Mardi Gras?

Three Mamas sells bulk and wholesale quantities of Eco Glitter. Ranging from 50 g to 1 kg in size.

Three Mamas Eco Glitter is available from our online shop at

For quantities larger than 100 g send an email to

Are you a business or registered charity? Do you have an ABN / NZBN? Apply for a wholesale account.

Will Eco Glitter dissolve in water?

Eco glitter does not dissolve in water. It needs bacteria and other environmental microorganisms to biodegrade.

In a natural water environment eg: a lake or the ocean, it biodegrades as there are naturally occurring microorganisms.

How durable is Eco Glitter?

As long as it is not in contact with any microbes it is totally durable.

So yes, you can use it in all your home/school/kindergarten craft activities, dance performances, artworks, float decorations, soap making…….

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