Do you have dry skin, especially in Winter?

Winter and dry skin!

The secret to smooth and hydrated Winter skin is to understand why it drys out in the first place.

Winter dry skin isn't your fault, it is a cycle.
It is a combination of dry Winter air and the top layer of your skin called the Stratum Corneum. This outer layer of skin plays an important role in keeping natural moisture in.

In Winter, humidity drops and the air naturally becomes drier.

Heating in the work place and home also drys out the air.

Combined, these two elements dry out your outer layer of skin.
This opens up the skins natural defence barrier, which can lead to moisture leaking out = dry, itchy, cracked skin!

The best remedy is to replace and retain the moisture:

  1. Moisturise your skin every day.

  2. Take shorter, cooler showers as a hot shower encourages water evaporation from your skin (more dryness)!

  3. Avoid wipes and makeup removers that contain Ethyl alcohol as it drys out your skin.

  4. Use a humidifier in your home or work place as this can help replace the lost moisture in the air.

Here's to a Winter with lovely, smooth & healthy skin.

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Making one product swap at a time, becoming a healthier and more vibrant you,

The Mamas.

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Three Mamas