Hair or Bare

Body Hair - my journey to luscious underarms.

Do you feel pressure to conform to what society says is the appropriate amount of body hair?

Maybe you remove your body hair and you’re not quite sure why.

It wasn’t until high school that I became aware people shaved it off.  When a boy in class pointed out I had underarm hair, I was HORRIFIED.

So began the next 30 years of shaving, waxing & plucking my underarm & leg hair.

When I had children, I began to think deeply about what would make them healthy and happy humans. I noticed so much more advertising and marketing spruiking ‘the perfect body’ and of course, none of the women had hair on their legs or underarms.

In my job of teaching young children to swim, I wanted to be a positive role model, a kind and fun teacher.  One day I was embarrassed to raise my arms in the air as I had regrowth. Bit hard to show someone how to dive with your elbows tucked down.

Lightbulb Moment!  These little people (and my own children) probably weren’t used to seeing a woman with hair under her arms. So I made a decision to grow my armpit hair.

 I wanted them to know they have a choice.

Even though I was uncomfortable, I forced myself to look at the hair, watch it grow, be embarrassed, a bit grossed out and really challenge myself to question why I felt that way.

I hated that I allowed society to dictate to me what I could do with my body. Who made up this rule anyway?

 I kept looking at my armpits in the mirror again and again until it now looks normal.  Surprisingly that took a long time. How strong is social conditioning? Our brains have been programmed to see women with bald underarms.

 I urge you to question the marketing that makes you feel ashamed of your natural body.

Although at the start I was cringing inside, I decided to be brave. Perseverance, stubbornness and looking at it A LOT has made me feel comfy with my choice.

Now I proudly wear singlets and pretty dresses without worrying whether I forgot to shave.

NO! to double standards of beauty.

Did you know??

**The fashion for bald armpits is changing: 1 in 4 women of generation Y (Millenials) now have armpit hair.

**The trend of hair removal started about 100 years ago.


What do you think about this picture?  Ask yourself why?

With love and hair under my arms, Kim

Three Mamas