How to dilute your essential oils for safe use

Is it ok to use Essential Oils straight on your skin?

Because essential oils are so potent and concentrated, they must be diluted before using on your skin.

You simply need a dilution of 1-5% of essential oil for it to be effective.  More does NOT equal better !

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 Interestingly, in a recent study** 74% of reported issues with essential oil come from using essential oils neat/undiluted. The advice to use the oils undiluted came from a sales consultant not a qualified practitioner. 

If you put essential oils directly/neat onto your skin, you may experience these symptoms, none of which are fun - how does a burn sound?  Fancy developing an allergy to the essential oil? Want some blisters? Maybe just itchy redness?

That's just the outer skin reactions.  They can affect your whole system, causing liver damage (hepatotoxicity) & nervous system harm (neurotoxicity) amongst others.

Of course this isn't going to happen every time you use an undiluted essential oil, but the risks are real and well documented.


Essential oils are great and really versatile, a little dilution goes a long way. 

Here's 3 good reasons to dilute.

1.  Easier. You can apply over a larger area of skin. By the way, this actually helps to increase absorption.

2.  Longer lasting. Using a carrier oil prevents the essential oil from evaporating too quickly.  If the scent lasts longer, you'll benefit for longer.

3. Saving money.  It's more economical to use a smaller amount and still get awesome results.


Q. What can you do to avoid unwanted reactions?

A. Dilute your essential oils (but you already knew that, didn't you!)

For adults we recommend a 2% dilution for general use on skin.

 10ml of carrier oil = 4 drops of essential oil

50ml of carrier oil = 20 drops of essential oil

100ml of carrier oil = 40 drops of essential oil

Carrier Oil & jars for your dilution needs.

** Injury report study link HERE

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