Why you (and your family) should be using natural deodorant paste

Author: Monique Riley  Date Posted:1 October 2021 




First of all, the good stuff (and why we think it's the best natural deodorant in Australia)...


We no longer need to automatically reach for the traditional products we have come to rely on when there are so many natural and effective alternatives available. Starting with small changes like switching to a natural deodorant can be a big step on the road to living a low tox lifestyle.

The Three Mamas range is made entirely of 100% natural, plant based, non toxic ingredients and that includes our Organic Deodorant Paste. Most of our deodorant ingredients are actually edible (although no, we do not recommend eating it!). You may not be able to eat some of the ingredients (plant wax anyone?!) but at least they are named with words that you will actually recognise. Compare this to many of the deodorants and antiperspirants currently available that include a bunch of ingredients we do not understand or can even pronounce.

What you put on your skin is absorbed

Not only should we be aware of what we put inside our bodies, it is essential that we also know what is in the products we apply to our skin. Cosmetics are designed to be absorbed and the common belief is that up to 60% of what we put on our skin ends up entering our blood stream - toxins and all.

Sweating is good!

The job of an antiperspirant is exactly as the name suggests - it stops your body from sweating, a function we all need as it is our body's way of cooling us down and eliminating toxins. Three Mamas Organic Deodorant Paste allows you to still sweat and then gets to work on eliminating odour.

Early detection of irregularities

As well as avoiding the bad stuff (see below), using a natural deodorant paste means you are getting to know your underarms. Breast cancer in both women and men can cause swelling or lumps in this area, so knowing it like the back of your hand means any irregularities or lumps may be detected early. The idea of applying deodorant by hand may seem a little odd at first but think it of like a lotion or moisturiser, your underarms deserve love too! 


And now the bad stuff...



Traditional antiperspirants work by using ingredients like aluminium to block sweat ducts, helping to reduce the amount of sweat reaching the skin's surface. A side effect of using aluminium is that it can reduce the amount of good bacteria on your skin allowing the bad bacteria to dominate resulting in even stinkier body odour. 

And worse still, although not yet scientifically proven, aluminium is being investigated for its potential link to both breast cancer and Alzheimer's.

Fragrances or Parfum

A catchall term used to describe thousands of chemicals, synthestic fragrances are added to create a lovely scent or to mask the smell of harsh chemicals. Fragrances are known for contributing to dermatitis, headaches, rashes, asthma and irritated eyes.

And the rest

A concoction of synthetic compounds like Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, Parabens and Alcohol (to name a few) make up the balance of toxic ingredients in traditional antiperspirants. Many of these ingredients have been linked to medical conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's, asthma and liver, heart and central nervous system issues. Although not scientifically proven to affect health when consumed in small doses, why take the risk when there are safe and effective alternatives available?


What's in Three Mamas natural deodorant?



100% natural, plant based ingredients, suitable for vegans:


Well known for its ability to absorb odours, bi-carb also neutralises the acid in sweat, helping to prevent body odour from forming.

Organic Coconut Oil and Mango Butter

Not only do they moisturise and soften the skin plus make the deodorant easier to apply, coconut oil and mango butter have important anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to reduce bacteria found in moist areas like underarms.

Organic Arrowroot Powder

A little known fact about arrowroot powder is that it can help to eliminate toxins. It is also a very important ingredient as it absorbs moisture and is soothing to skin irritations like razor burn.

Natural Vegetable Wax

Made from castor oil, natural vegetable wax is an excellent emollient, softening and soothing the skin.

Candelilla Wax

Derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub, Candelilla wax helps to bind the ingredients together and provides a silky touch to the finished product.

Organic Essential Oils

Scented with the natural fragrances of pure organic essential oils that not only smell beautiful but also contain antibacterial properties, aiding in the prevention and management of body odour.

And that's it! Nothing other than what mother nature gave us...


With love xx

Monique @ Three Mamas


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