You Want Me To Do WHAT To My Armpits?! A Story About Natural Deodorant.

Author: Monique Riley  Date Posted:8 October 2021 



Applying deodorant by hand, hear me out...


Back in late 2019 when my husband and I were looking to change things up a bit in the form of a new business, I came across a for sale listing for Three Mamas. The appeal was immediate. I loved the look and feel, the eco friendly and organic products and the business principles that echoed my own so strongly. 

However, I had never, ever even heard of deodorant paste.

"You want me to do what with what?" 

Although I had been on my own journey for years to find a natural deodorant that actually worked, I had never come across it in paste form. I think the concept was so foreign to my brain that it must have completely bypassed it when seeing deodorant paste on the shelves at our local wholefoods store! 

So when we went to meet the lovely ladies who founded Three Mamas and came home with samples to try, it was actually at least a week before I could bring myself to do it! Each morning after my shower I would look at it, say here we go, and then no - I'll just go for this easy and convenient spray (that doesn't even work and why am I doing this again?).

I just didn't like the thought of having it on my fingers as well as how long I thought it was going to take. Not to mention, I'm not really sure about being so intimate with my armpits and how is this mixture of ingredients, some of which I can find my kitchen pantry, going to stop me from stinking?

Deodorant has always been a quick spray or roll on with no "mess". Anyway, you get the picture... I obviously ended up trying it and loving it as we went ahead and bought the business! (Just in time for a pandemic, but that's another story!).

The point is that natural deodorant paste is no different to applying moisturiser to your face or body oils to your legs - you end up with it on your hands. And really, don't my armpits deserve love and attention too?! Two of the main ingredients of Three Mamas Organic Deodorant Paste is organic coconut oil and mango butter so it feels like a body butter or lotion. After I apply it to my armpits I rub the rest into my hands and then, because of the bicarb, either give my fingers a quick rinse under the tap or a wipe on my towel. It's amazing how quickly our habits can change especially when we find something so effective and easy. Now I can't even imagine going back to a spray or roll on deodorant.


How to apply natural deodorant paste


There are a few ways to apply deodorant paste.

My husband and I have of course debated the best way to apply but it comes down to personal preference. He uses his thumb nail to scrape out a pea sized amount of paste and then rubs it into his armpit. I also scrape it out with my thumb nail but then rub it between the fingertips of both of my hands and then massage it in.

Some people prefer not to touch the paste with their fingers at all and use either a clay mask applicator, ice cream stick or even cotton buds.

However you choose to do it, only a small amount is required. Each jar usually lasts around 2-3 months. It won't take long to work out what amount works best for your unique body chemistry. 

And remember, with no toxic stabilisers or emulsifiers included, it is normal for the consistency of the paste to change with the weather. If you live in a hot climate and have a run of very hot days it is fine to keep the deodorant in the fridge to help harden it up again. 


Early detection of irregularities and other benefits of natural deodorant paste


There are many benefits to using a natural deodorant paste, more of which you can read in our previous blog post "Why you (and your family) should be using natural deodorant paste". A few are worth mentioning again here though.

Using deodorant in a paste form means you are getting to know your underarms. Breast cancer in both women and men can cause swelling or lumps in this area, so knowing it like the back of your hand means any irregularities or lumps may be detected early. 

Also important is that you are applying a non toxic product to your skin. Cosmetics are designed to be absorbed and a massive 60% is absorbed by your skin and then enters your blood stream - toxins and all. When you read about the ingredients and effects of traditional antiperspirants it becomes an easy decision to make the switch.


Do you have concerns or doubts about switching? Have you already switched and been surprised by the results? We'd love to know your thoughts.


With love xx

Monique @ Three Mamas


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