irritated underarms ?

Here's our top 4 tips.

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Don't apply deodorant directly after shaving.

Your skin's most important job is to protect and work as a barrier.

When you shave your armpits, you take away a layer of skin, leaving what is effectively a very raw, sensitive area.

We recommend to shave at night, giving your skin time to heal before you apply deodorant and start your day. 


You could follow the trend of growing your armpit hair..  Read this article  about the new armpit style.

Xiao Meili says "You can choose to shave it, but you shouldn't be forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes."

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Be gentle.

Love your armpits. Stroke your deodorant on gently, it will melt on skin contact and doesn't need vigorous rubbing..

Slow and soft wins this race!

Remember your armpits are delicate.

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Apply only where hair grows

Children can run around all day and be sweaty, but not have B.O.  They smell clean because they haven't gone through puberty yet.

Puberty is when armpit hair grows and Apocrine glands become active. These glands produce sweat that contains protein and carbs, which is a balanced diet for the bacteria that produce the B.O smell!  (wow science!) These proteins and carbs are also why you can get yellow stains on the underarm part of tops/shirts.

That's kind of a long way to say - just apply deodorant where armpit hair grows.

Spray first

Some people have had success making a diluted apple cider vinegar spray which is applied before deodorant.
Mix: 10mls of apple cider vinegar &  50mls of distilled/boiled-then-cooled water into a spray bottle.  Give each armpit a spray and let dry before using deodorant.

We have the perfect size 50ml bottles HERE.

Because everybody's body-chemistry is unique, you may not be suited to a bicarb based deodorant. We are working on a non bicarb deodorant, so watch for the announcement via email.