Subscription Organic Deodorant Paste

Subscription Organic Deodorant Paste

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Effective & Natural Deodorant

  • Works all day, for everyone from smelly teenagers to tradies

  • Aluminium & Preservative free

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

  • Truly raw natural ingredients, No artificial additives

  • Great value, approx 5 months of deodorant in one jar

  • Recyclable, Carbon Neutral Jar, Made in Australia


No Toxic Stuff found here. Only Raw and Natural ingredients.

Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Arrowroot Flour, Bi-Carbonate Soda, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Candelilla Wax, Castor Oil/Wax, 100% pure essential oils.


  • Does Three Mamas deodorant paste really work? Yes, all day.

  • How do I use a deodorant paste? Gently rub about a pea size amount where armpit hair grows (cos that's where your sweat glands are). Adjust the amount to your unique body chemistry, so you apply once in the morning and you are good for the day.


How to apply deodorant.

  • I've been using an antiperspirant, how will my body adjust? You may experience a brief armpit detox. That means your body is clearing out the backlog of toxins and you may have a smelly day. Drink plenty of water and let your body do its thing. It will clear.

  • How long does a 100g jar last? If you are using a pea sized amount, we estimate one jar will last 5 months.

  • Raw deodorant paste, what does that mean? We choose not to put synthetic stabilizers in the blend. So, the deodorant will change consistency with the seasons due to the coconut oil doing its thing.

  • What else should I know? Every batch will be slightly different in appearance because that's how nature grows it. It's raw and it's real.

  • Remember to always store it below 27 degrees. If you do let it get too hot, just give it a good stir and store in a cool place.

  • My deodorant has tiny circles on top?  We refer to this as the blooming rings. These rings occur because of some heat stress on the Mango Butter. You can notice a similar effect on chocolate. Give your deodorant a good stir, cool in the fridge and store under 27*c. 

  • Is your bicarb aluminium free?  Yes, we use food grade bicarb that's aluminium free.

  • Sensitive armpits? Read HERE if you are Bicarb Sensitive

Customer reviews

Katherine: My husband and I love your deodorant. It's the best we have both ever used (believe me, we've tried many) and can't believe how good it is. Now after a hard days work in the garden or building we both still smell fresh.

Georgia: I had always struggled with deodorants not working well, and tried both commercial and ones marketed as 'natural' - none worked. 'Clinical Protection' was the only thing that worked for me but the vessel isn't reusable, it obviously has lots of chemicals in it and I had to purchase it from large chains. So I was SUPER excited when my friend recommended me your deo. I got mine last week and am SO happy with it. I have recommended to my friends, mum and sister, and would like to get my brothers on it, particularly the teenage one - who is constantly poisoning us all with his spray 'deodorant showers' several times a day.

Cathleen: I love it. I have tried numerous natural deodorants in the past and they always stopped working at some point, or something wafted through. None of them came anywhere close to your product ! Thank you !!


Jen loves Three Mamas Organic Deodorant Paste.