Biodegradable Dishcloth & Scourer

Biodegradable Dishcloth & Scourer


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*Save 12 plastic dishcloths going to landfill every year!

*Wash and re-use for a whole year

*3 great colours

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Plastic Free Dishwashing

Are you adding to plastic pollution by washing up!

 I was washing the dishes, thinking 'this old scourer is nearly ready to chuck out, it's thinner and lost it's scrubbiness. Where did the rest of it go?' Then I realised- it's gone down the drain and into the ocean.

  • Compostable, Biodegradable
  • Hand crocheted by Marian
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Unique Gift Idea
  • Lasts about a year

Made from

Totally biodegradable natural fibers.
Cotton & Jute.


  • How long will they last?  By following the care instructions, about 1 year.
  • How do I care for them?  To prevent damage and ensure that your hand-crocheted purchases last a long time, avoid running the blade of knives along the cloths while washing up.
    After every use, rinse well with hot water. Wring out, gently pull into shape and place in a well ventilated area to dry out..
  • Size: Cloth is approx 18x15cm. Scourer measures 10cm across

Dirty dishes come up clean with natural fibre cloth and scourer.


Customer reviews

Shane:  I was surprised how well the scourer actually worked. This cloth seems to last a week at the sink without getting smelly, where other dishcloths get a bit stinky after a couple of days.
Liam: I was totally skeptical about a natural crochet dishcloth until I tried yours. The scourer works better than the plastic ones and the dishcloth has kept its shape.