Natural Perfume and Spritzer Kit

Natural Perfume and Spritzer Kit

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*Freshen up with a spritz and roll on a spring scent

*Full instructions and everything you need included

*Fun and easy to make

*Party time? From tween to hens night, this gift has you covered.

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2 Perfumes, 2 Spritzers

  • Fun, Fun, Fun! Lets get creative!

  • Eco Friendly Gift idea or DIY

  • Save a Tween from their Screen

  • Longing to wear perfume again?

  • No more nasty perfume headaches

  • Freshen yourself or room naturally

  • Certified Organic Essential Oils & Carrier Oil

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

Customer Reviews

Kirsten - Normal shop bought perfumes give me headaches & make me feel sick. I like the natural benefits you get from essential oils as well as having a fragrance that doesn’t make me feel ill. I worried that the scent wouldn’t last for long, but I was surprised it actually holds up for hours.

I carry the roller in my handbag so I can do a quick touch up when I feel like a refresher. Someone told me I smelt great!

I like playing with essential oils but it would also be good for young girls that are starting to get into personal products like perfume & makeup.


  • Whats included in the kit ? Everything you need!

- instructions and recipe ideas

- 3 Certified Organic essential oils; Lavender, Rose Geranium & Peppermint

- 2 roll on perfume bottles

- 2 spritzer bottles

- Certified organic carrier oil

- Stainless steel funnel