Cinnamon Swirl - Handmade, Vegan, Palm Oil Free Soap

Cinnamon Swirl - Handmade, Vegan, Palm Oil Free Soap


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Palm Oil Free

No synthetic fragrances

Won’t dry out your skin

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So gentle, you can use on your face

  • Palm Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • High Oil content means these soaps won't dry your skin out like mass produced soaps do.
  • Produce a silky, fine lather
  • Artisan, hand made soaps, every piece is unique
  • Generous 110-120g each



No artificial fragrances, only scented with spices and 100% pure Essential Oils.
A selection of these various ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide and water (lye), sunflower oil, organic coconut milk or cream, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil. Pure vanilla powder, cocoa powder.  Kaolin clay, Cambrian blue clay, micas, zinc oxide.  100% pure essential oils.


  • How do I look after my soap ? Keep it dry between uses, it needs air circulation to dry. We have a rack for sale that does the job perfectly.
  • It's a generous size!  I cut it in half with a sharp knife. You get two bars of soap and they're a good size for medium & little hands.

Palm oil free soap that's pretty too.


Customer reviews

Shane: One bar lasts for ages. My skin is sensitive and this soap doesn't irritate it.  We use it at home in the shower on a soap rack we bought from you, and one at each hand basin (on more racks from you). They don't smell artificial like some soaps do.
Bea: I was given some as a gift. It's very smooth, smells great and rinses off well.  It's pretty on display in my bathroom, it matches my colours!  I like to see the patterns changing as I use it up.
Cara:  I thought it was too pretty to use, but then I realised I should use it because of that reason ! So I do, and I love it.